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235. Shuttleworth


On 4 May Theo and I travelled to the Shuttleworth Collection, and although 1264 was there, we barely saw her all day.

We were there mainly to do some film work with Stephen Saunders, firstly getting some pictures of the Bristol Boxkite, since it was this aircraft in which Bunnie did his first solo in Ovctober 1915.

They took some still shots first, and then, with the assistance of Rory from the Shuttleworth Collection and a very long step ladder, I was privileged to be able to sit in the ‘cockpit’.

Sitting in the driving seat of the Bristol Boxkite.

Sitting in the driving seat of the Bristol Boxkite.


It was an awesome experience. Although I’m used to flying aircraft with little or no structure around you, the enormous size is pretty intimidating, and although the modern replica (built for the film ‘Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines’ and therefore has a modern engine and a seat belt, Bunniwe would have had neither, and any sudden stop during the landing phase would have likely seen you tipped onto the grass about 5ft below!


But what a privilege!

And while we were getting footage of the trailer driving up and down the A1, Darren Harbar took the opportunity to get both Bristol Scouts onto the grass for what maybe their last time together, since A1742 will shortly be going to her ultimate resting place – the Bristol Aero collection’s very smart new museum at Filton.


By the time we were finished, the Collection was shutting up shop, so this was about as close to 1264 as we got all day!




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