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236. We got wheels!


Regular readers will know that we’ve had more problems with ground transportation than in the air in this project; the trailer took a good deal of sorting out to get it to tow satisfactorily, and in the meantime I wrote off my Skoda Octavia in a jackknife accident. its replacement, a LandRover Discovery, lasted for five months during which the repair bill more or less matched the purchase price and never felt secure when it was towing. so I cashed in my pension and bought a nearly new Toyota Hilux, which has proved to be an excellent tow vehicle and completely reliable – as you would expect, since it’s still in the manufacturer’s warranty.

However, in late March I though I should find out how the spare wheel worked before we headed off to Greece in it, and was somewhat alarmed to discover that it had been removed.

I immediately rang the dealer, Commercial Trade Vehicles in Wolverhampton, and they agreed to supply a wheel.

After a week or so, nothing had happened, so I contacted them and their chap, Aaron Duxbury, asked if I could take a picture of the current wheels so that they could match them. This seemed a bit surprising, since they were the ones fitted at the factory, but I obliged.

Nothing happened, so ten days later I rang again, and he claimed he hadn’t received the pictures. I sent them to the same email address.

Nothing happened for two weeks, so I rang again. Aaron asked me to provide the tyre size, and I lost it and suggested that he look outside in their yard at another Hilux, or Google it. I also said that if it wasn’t here by the end of the week, I’d be consulting my lawyers.

And today – only six weeks later – the wheel arrived…

2016-05-09 Spare Wheel





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