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3 May 1916.


2 May.

Bunnie in BE2C s/no 1125 (passenger)

Back to No. 2 with Simpson. I don’t like being a passenger a bit.

This entry seem a little confusing. Nos 2 and 3 are clearly Nos 2 & 3 Wing, based at aerodromes on opposite sides of Kephalos harbour. Bunnie was with No. 2 Wing, so why was he coming back from no. 3 Wing? Had he gone round by car the evening before? 


Very hot, went over to HA to get map for tomorrow’s raid. Bathed in Aliki with Fitzherbert. Very warm and pleasant. Wind changed about four times in the evening while Jacob and Blandy were up after a seaplane reported from Mudros, so that the first two landed with the wind, though from opposite directions. Jacob had four attempts, making a fine landing in the last, but old Fitz did a glorious landing at about 70mph running right the length of the aerodrome. Very perturbed because Blandy did not turn up and it was a great relief when at last the signal came through that he had landed at Tenedos. Looks rather like dirty weather tomorrow.

3 May.

Bunnie in BE2C s/no 1125 (passenger)

With Simpson to no. 3 to fetch Nieuport.

Bunnie in Nieuport 12 s/no 8910.

Brought L.M Tyler back from no. 3. Landing quite nice. Very little wind.


Up early to test my machine for the combined raid. Rain. Waited all the morning in tremendous thundery heat which gave me a headache. In EP tent during afternoon. Raid cancelled. Wind got up during afternoon.

4 May.

Bunnie in Bristol Scout 3037.

Escorting gun bus on evening reconnaissance. A poor engine in a poor machine she should improve with a little careful tuning up. Landing good. 6 1/2 gals of petrol used.

Bristol Scout 3037

Bristol Scout 3037


Standing by for general attack, which was cancelled. Strong northerly wind, very nice and cooling. Vice Admiral de Robeck came round with Commodore Keyes, Colonel Wilson and two others. Of course at the moment I was at HA with the commander of the Triad!* Had to race back full tilt and arrived very hot and breathless. The VA shook hands, congratulated me and said some very nice things; then we walked round the place while I talked to Keyes and Wilson, both of whom were very nice. S.P. looked at me with eyes of fury. He hates anyone else getting any of the limelight. Scarlett arrived after lunch. Asked S.P. for the leave of which he cheated me last week. He refused and was very rude and curt, saying I would not go except on sick leave. How I hate that man, as almost everyone here does. Mail in during morning. Two parcels from Harrods, also nine letters, all of congratulations.

*HMS Triad was a Hired Yacht – much the same as the Zarefah on which Bunnie had served in the first year of the war.

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