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10 May 1916. Imbros.


9 May.

Bunnie in Gunbus 8903.

Started with Sub Lieut Oxley on reconnaissance of straits, one cyl cut out, so came back. Landing fair.

Bunnie in Gunbus 8910

Transferred to this machine and went off. Attempted to go over land near Chan Tepe at 7000 ft but two very large black archies burst about ten or twenty yards in front of me, I could hear the bits humming past*. We had seen what we wanted to, so we did not wait to climb higher, and came home. Landing not too good.

*Blimey! Archie wasn’t seen as too great a threat, but every now and then a lucky shot came a bit too close for comfort.

Bunnie in Gunbus 3925**.

Test flight, passenger A.M. North. A nice machine, but a bit nose heavy coming down. Engine excellent. Landing quite fair. Slight S.W. breeze.

**This machine was originally sent to the Western front at St Pol in January and for some reason sent on to Imbros. It’s likely this was its first flight post delivery.

10 May.

Bunnie in 1264.

Hun seaplane seen so I went off after him, but I never saw him. When down by Helles at 8000 I saw a machine over Kilia Liman, so I went to investigate and saw he was a Fokker. I was then near Chan Tepe. He then headed for Helles so I turned and flew alongside him, gradually closing on him. He came straight for me, then when about 100 yds off he turned and dived down. My engine was missing a bit so I did not follow. He circled over straits by Kephez. One cyl then cut out, so I came back.


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