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238. Display


No pictures tonight, but a lot of really good news to impart.

We spent the whole day at the Shuttleworth Collection in ideal weather conditions. Inevitably it took hours to get from arriving through the gate to actually getting in the air – around 3, to be precise, although there was very little needed in the way of prior preparation, and around 1200 I took off and flew in circles to try and nail the right hand turns so that they would remain more or less in balance throughout. Whereas left turns are more or less instinctive, requiring the application of left rudder throughout, right turns have to be initiated with right rudder, and then immediately taken off, or even reversed in order to keep the aeroplane flying straight throughout.

Twenty minutes later, I reckoned I’d more or less got the hang of it, so landed to find Dodge Bailey there. We decided to have a bite to eat, and then do some practice displays in the hope of getting my authorisation signed off.

And after lunch, I did a couple of seven minute displays, both of which went smoothly enough, and included a significant number of right turns, and Dodge pronounced himself happy to sign me off.

So I’m now, or will be shortly, a proper Display pilot, authorised to fly the Scout at airshows. I found it was a surprisingly emotional moment for me,  and I’ve been tingling with pleasure all afternoon at the thought.

And late in the afternoon, Theo got another flight in as well, and we reckoned he was fully capable of flying 1264 in Greece and France as a result, so all in all it’s been a VERY satisfactory day.

Tomorrow, with the Shuttleworth experts on hand, I’m going to do a little more investigation to see if we can’t persuade the engine to give us a bit more power so that Grandad would be pleased with her performance, but we won’t be needing to fly again until the Shuttleworth Navy Days display on 5 June.


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  1. Well done.

  2. Micheneau permalink

    bien joué! félicitation David et toute l’équipe!!

  3. Peter Bond permalink

    Hi David,

    It looks as though you are enjoying your beautiful Bristol Scout. Looking forward to seeing her fly in person.
    I was wondering if you could put me in touch with Theo. When we spoke at Bicester last year he said he might be able to help with the cable splicing on my Camel or show me how it’s done.

    Many thanks.

    Kind Regards
    Peter Bond

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