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25 May 1916. Imbros


This last couple of weeks has seen Bunnie taking on a number of different rôles and flying several different aircraft. There’s no question of conversion training – he simply jumped in and had a go, and on 18 May this included a 1 hour night flight in a large aircraft he’d flown three times before!

May 12th

1264. Escort gun bus on evening reconnaissance, but had engine trouble.

May 13th

Nieuport 12 Gunbus 3925. Testing wireless. Mid. Snow passenger. Did some pretty good banks. Strong N.E. wind and no bumps. Excellent landing.

May 16th

H.F. (Henri Farman F27) 3905. First flight in an H.F. They are rather similar to Voisins, but a good deal better. Strong N.E. breeze and a bit bumpy, but landing quite good. After tractors it is very hard not to flatten out too soon.

A Henri Farman Type F27

A Henri Farman Type F27

May 17th

H.F. 3902. Drop bomb at target from 1000 ft. Line correct, 62 yards over. Fair N.E. breeze. Landing good.

Practice flight, rather bumpy between two and three thousand. Pancaked a little on landing.

May 18th

1264. Escort Nieuport gun bus but she never left the island owing to engine trouble. Excellent landing.

HF 3905. Night flight to bomb shipping in Chanak Bay. My first night flight. Good moon, but a fair number of thick clouds. Near ground there was a slight N.E. breeze. Chanak Bay was in shadow when I got there and I could not see the enemy shipping. I dropped three 112 lb bombs from N. to S. The first fell just in the sea on the S side of the bay. The next two must have fallen just on the quay and a bit inland. It was glorious above the clouds. The moon was in when I got in but I made a good landing without difficulty.

May 20th

1264. Escorting gun bus on evening reconnaissance. Nothing doing, very cold up. Touched lightly by mistake on landing, otherwise landing excellent.

May 22nd

1264. Bombed the shipping in Chanak Bay. Two bombs on seaplane shed and two in Chanak Bay. Too many clouds about to see properly. Fitz saw two of my bombs fall very close to sailing ship. Very bumpy landing and an awkward wind. Perfect landing.

May 24th

3040 (Bristol Scout). Testing engine. Satisfactory. Very tricky wind landing and she is not nearly so sensitive fore and aft as 1264 so I made rather a poor landing.

May 25th

3040. Escorting gun bus on photographic trip. Great deal of archie, but nothing close, no wind. I again touched lightly on landing, and then landed beautifully. This is a wonderfully stable machine and at the same time very quick and sensitive on controls.

3040 was one of the second batch of Type C Scouts with increased dihedral and a larger, symmetrical tailplane. These changes may explain the different handling qualities and Bunnie’s views on them seem to change flight by flight!

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