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29 May 1916. Imbros


May 28th

Bristol Scout 3040

Escorting gun bus spotting for ships bombarding Asiatic coast. Nothing doing. Southerly breeze. Perfect landing.

Hun bombed Pickton as she was coming in. Went to Anzac but could see no sign of him. Bad landing first time so went off again, then made fair landing.

Sir Thomas Pickton, a monitor with monster 12in guns who was arriving in Imbros harbour when she was attacked by a Turkish aircraft, and Bunnie went chasing after it with no success.

This was the last time Bunnie landed at Imbros – two flights totaling a couple of hours, bringing his total flying time to 79 hours. But during that time he’d been shot down, opened fire on an enemy aircraft, carried out bombing with his makeshift gear, hunted submarines and flown at night.

Internal politics in Greece had led to a new front being opened up in Salonika and air support was needed. Bunnie had been selected to form a new flight, operating from the Greek-held island of Thassos.


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