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242. Thassos Update


Two things to run past you today.

First, the logo for the event which I think is stunning.


And progress on the airstrip itself, which you can see below.

2016-06-02 Prinos airfield

I’m not sure where the grass is that we saw a couple of days ago, but the Greek army is certainly moving the earth for us!



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  1. daftasabrush46 permalink

    Hurry up damnitt chaps! Ok it’s Greece, and they need an ouzo break, but we want to see this field in action. Wouldn’t surprise me after they use it for recon aircraft, with the increased Russian, and because of that increased Turkish naval traffic in the Med. Hope you have a great weekend at Shuttleworth chaps and chapesses. Hope one day I see your wonderful old girl over my new home in northern France, or if make it over for a show in UK or Ireland. I do have me doubts about you making it to France, or me natal Northern Ireland, as remember missing the RN Historic Flight’s Stringbag, as heard on the airband she had to give up due to the wind over the Irish Sea making her fly backwards! Following the progress and the diary with great interest. Just because folks don’t comment much, doesn’t mean we aren’t here. If you’re ever stuck at Prouvy-Valenciennes (Aerodrome Charles Nungesser – I keep forgetting the new name) give us a shout biloute. Fantastic achevement guys.

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