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247. The adventure begins…


I’m sat at Portsmouth ferry terminal with cameraman Elliot Bell, waiting for the car to be loaded.

2016-06-14 Elliot Bell

This morning was knotted stomach time, but when Elliot and Stephen Saunders turned up on time, the plan swung smoothly into action, and there have been no panics so far, though the back of the Hilux is somewhat fuller than I thought it would be.

We set off from home at 1300, and a couple of hours later arrived at Bicester, where we checked over the trailer to make sure that 1264 was still securely bedded down. Then the trailer was hitched up and we set off down the A34. Once again, the Hilux and trailer performed absolutely smoothly, despite some torrential showers en route. In fact, the additional weight in the back had smoothed out the ride considerably and all told it was a very easy trip.

At the ferry terminal, Elliot spoke to his contact Michael at Brittany Ferries, who has arranged for Elliot to film from a very privileged position on board, and for the car to be located at a special gate so that we get to go on board first.


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