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248. Waiting


You’re not allowed photography in the security area.

Which is a shame, because the faces of the security men and women when I opened the back of the trailer was a picture. Security took a back seat while I explained what they were looking at, and all the other security personnel were called across to have a look.

Even the women wanted to know where to find us on Facebook.

Eventually we were allowed to close it up and we slowly drove up the ramp on board, being filmed by Elliot, and once parked, the French crew all wanted to know what was in the trailer.

The crossing was smooth and uneventful, but we’d been told that last night’s sailing had been cancelled owing to the French strikes, so now we are feeling a little nervous, as the ferry has come to a halt several miles off the French coast, and we are wondering if we’ll be allowed to dock…

Could the whole trip come unstuck right here?


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  1. Errol Cavit permalink

    Good luck!
    Do you need special paperwork for the machine gun?

  2. daftasabrush46 permalink

    Bonne chance! Could have been the CGT Union protesters again, or just a backlog after their last protests – Pain in the postillion. Hope there are no red tape hold ups – The Frogs are even worse than the UK for paperwork, as learned to my chagrain! Paint the cockardes in reverse, and they’ll think it’s a French bird and rush you through!

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