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249. On Track


All was fine; the waiting is standard practice to allow for slower crossings to remain on schedule, and we drove of the ferry with Elliot filming, accompanied by the sound of tearing calico as a couple of Bugatti Type 35s heading for the Le Mans classic racing weekend disembarked alongside us.

The day’s driving went smoothly until we reached the outskirts of Paris, when the GPS advised us to turn onto the N38, which had a height limit of 2m, and an alternative route took us into the narrow streets of Paris, not knowing of course that we were towing a monster trailer. In the end we found somewhere to pull up and sorted out an alternative route that avoided the N38, and we’ll never know the reason for the height limit.

The plus side was that Elliot was able to get some unexpectedly close-up film of the Eiffel Tower!

I haven’t introduced the third member of the team, who joined us at Portsmouth.

2016-06-16 Noel

Noel Willford is Theo’s younger brother and has joined us for the trip to act as a second ground crew, and specifically to help with the driving on the way out, since Theo is abroad and couldn’t join us. Noel took the wheel after Paris, and managed very capably for his stint, giving me a chance of a break. The weather was generally fine, with a few showers.

2016-06-15 France map

Tonight we are ensconced in the F1 hotel near Macon. Those who’ve experienced the F1 chain of hotels in France will know that their chief virtue is their price, but although basic, the little cubicles are fine and we popped across the road to a restaurant that was also basic, and filled a corner.

Tomorrow we head up into the Alps, passing within a stone’s throw of Switzerland, and through the Mont Blanc tunnel. It should be very scenic, though the forecast is for heavy rain all day. At least it should be dry inside the tunnel!


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