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254. 18 June 2016. Thassos at last!


After a night in the Lucy Hotel in Kavala we headed down to the ferry, where we met Stephen and the rest of the film crew. Theo had also come across to meet us. Although the ferry was double-ended, loading required us to reverse on board, and this was achieved in a civilised manner. The trip to Thassos takes just over an hour, and unloading should have been equally straightforward, except that the crewman told us to move forwards when it wasn’t clear to do so. The front of the trailer caught the back of a Mercedes parked alongside, and though the damage was minor, it required us to stop on the jetty to sort it out.

It was complicated by the fact that the Mercedes was owned by a serving Brigadier General, who outranked Panos, being only a retired Brigadier General. They, together with the members of the ferry crew, retired to the ferry deck for a screaming match, and after a while everybody drove off.

Arrival at Prinos. Journey over...

Arrival at Prinos. Journey over…

Having parked the car and trailer at the hotel, I rode pillion on the back of a large motorbike to inspect the strip.

The majority of the surface looked pretty good, being about the right hardness and around 650m x 100m. But it wasn’t perfectly even, and there were two drainage ditches right across it, both of which would need to be filled in, the access road was impassable to cars, and the very primitive shelter was too low for the Scout to fit in.

Panos came to look, and was joined by the Deputy Mayor, who had understood that the strip wasn’t going to be required until Friday. The situation was complicated by the fact that this was a Bank Holiday weekend, but despite that he promised to get the work completed on Monday.

We retired to the hotel, and I was able finally to say hello to Sue, who had been waiting patiently all this time.

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

Paschalis suggested we decamp into the Thassian hills for lunch, and so we set off in a convoy of three cars to a tiny village. Parking was a complex exercise in the tiniest of spaces, but the lunch was superb, involving deep fried courgette flowers, spinach, goat’s cheese and lamb. It was a great party and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet Tony and Carol Henwood, descendants of Norman Starbuck, who arrived at Thassos shortly after Bunnie left, and whose photograph album has been of particular assistance to Paschalis in his researches of the air war in this area.

Paschalis, Tony and Carol had to go back to Kavala, but the remainder of us rolled back to the hotel Ilio Mare about 1700, and spent the evening continuing our free-flowing discussions, by which time we’d pretty much sorted out most of the problems of the world.

Theo and Noel Willford relaxing

Theo and Noel Willford relaxing

We noted that, as promised, the track to the airstrip was being flattened, and late in the evening the microlight which will act as camera ship flew past and waved at us.

All told, a very, very satisfactory day.


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  1. Gaye Saxon permalink

    Congratulations!!Even I am breathing sighs of relief. You all deserve several drinks!!! hugs all around from us all.

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