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260. Sunday 26 June 2016.


Our last day, and more or less nothing to do.

The forecast had been for calmer weather with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. It was indeed beautiful weather, and it was such a shame that we’d had to pack 1264 away, but there it was. We’d thought it would be a day totally dedicated to packing up and relaxation but having spent an hour or so by, and in, the pool, at 1200 Panos and Despoina reminded us we’d agreed to do an interview with them.

And so, for three hours, we sat in the bar and myself, Theo, Sue and Stephen talked about the project and our feelings about the week’s events.

There was a little time for packing ,and then at 1730 we all went down to watch Doukas Yorgos (George) fly his amphibian flexwing microlight with Adam in the back seat to get some more film footage – some for us, and some for George. His setup for getting the machine from his hangar to the strip is beautifully designed, and the balmy air was totally free of turbulence, allowing some great material to be shot. I gave George a print of the painting, and we headed back to the hotel.

That evening Dominique, a British expat, came to see us, having watched out progress on the blog. We spent a long time talking to him, and he was a very interesting person, specialising in woodworking. He has lived on the island for 20 years, and said he couldn’t remember such a prolonged period of strong winds.


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  1. Graham Stephens permalink

    I cannot imaging how disappointed you must feel!

  2. Graham Stephens permalink

    Sorry that should have read imagine.

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