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265. Photo Call


The trip home on Monday went as planned, though there was a slight degree of panic when we read the ferry documentation and realised the sailing was at 1715, not 1815, due to a mix-up with time zones. Nevertheless, we met the 45 minute deadline with 6 minutes to spare, thanks to the Willford brothers, who did the lion’s share of the driving.

We parked up at Theo’s house at well past midnight, and after a good night’s sleep, we went our separate ways – Noel back to somerset, and me to Fairford, where I dropped off the trailer at the BAe Systems display area, and – for almost the first time for six weeks – drove off with nothing behind. It felt very strange.

But with a day at home before we head back down to Fairford for the RIAT, it’s time to catch up with a few photos and videos, which I’ll put in the relevant pages with links here so you can find them.

Paschalis Palavouzis’ magnificent picture essay on the flight at Thassos is added here.

And the video put together by Stephen Saunders’ team for the formal presentation ceremony on 24 June is here.

And see here for evidence that I actually flew over the Thiepval memorial!




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