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Tuesday 26 July. On the Road Again…


We drove to RNAS Yeovilton to pick up the trailer, where it had been positioned in anticipation of going to RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. Instead, we headed in exactly the opposite direction down the A303 to a posh hotel in Ascot on the outskirts of London where we were part of a press briefing for a product which I can’t mention yet, until it goes public! The GPS took us through a circuitous suburban route, part of which was closed, and the diversion signs petered out after a couple of junctions, leaving us to guess which way to go. The route we took went under a low, narrow bridge, and was so narrow that we had to ask a dustcart to back up about half a mile to let us through!

We arrived about 1400 and had her rigged on the lawn in about an hour. The journalists didn’t come down until about 1930, so we had plenty of time to relax with a cup of tea on the terrace. 1264 put on a good show, and was very much appreciated, and the product looks truly spectacular. We were able to start de-rigging around 2030, but got to our hotel just too late for any food.


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