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Completely off topic, Sue and I have had an interesting week with couriers that I thought I’d share with you.

I dropped my phone and had it repaired. The repair company used UKmail who promised a 24 hour delivery.

But since they received it on the Friday before the Bank Holiday, this translated into Tuesday. I sent them and email requesting that it be delivered before 1100. I received no response. The tracking details said that it was loaded at 0745, and I waited until 1200, when I had to go to Birmingham, after which I planned to drive on to Essex. The work in Birmingham was completed promptly so I decided to go back to Ludlow to see if it had arrived. It hadn’t, and it wasn’t possible to speak to anyone; the only phone contact was fully automated and said that it should be delivered before 1800.

At 1800, the website was updated to say ‘Please Call’, and I finally got through to a person, who said that it hadn’t been delivered because the middle line of the address was missing. The postcode was there, and it brings you to within 10ft of our home, so I was 100% confident they’d never actually tried using it. I decided not to trust the driver’s ability to find the place even with the middle line of the address, I decided to fetch it myself, form the depot in Llandridod Wells in mid Wales. I set off at 1830, and got to my destination in Essex around 2330. Hrrrmph!

But the following day Sue was treated even more peremptorily. She needed to get a delivery from Ludlow to London very urgently, and placed the order with Interlink.

They promised to pick it up before 1430, and when they hadn’t turned up, she contacted them and managed to get through to the depot only 20 minutes away in Hereford. They said that because they’d been unable to collect, they’d simply cancelled the order and not bothered to let her know! By contacting the customer support desk and escalating it to someone further up the hierarchy, she persuaded them to send a van out specially, and it was eventually collected after 1700. Thankfully, it was delivered in time, and the recipient, who was heading back to Australia the same day, was duly grateful.

Quite astonishing behaviour.


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  1. Graham Stephens permalink

    Unfortunately, almost all couriers have no concept of customer service. The only one that I have found that is any good is DPD. They at least give you a 2 hour window for the delivery and communicate by e-mail and SMS. They then follow up with a text message when the driver is leaving the delivery before yours. I don’t know what they are like for collections though.

  2. I’m expecting something from parcel force tomorrow. They promise hourly updates etc; we’ll see!

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