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283. And Finally…


It’s been a satisfying week. The list of little jobs completed on the airframe is longer than I though it might be. To cap it all, we took 1264 to Henstridge to switch our replacement engine back into its proper home – the Sopwith Pup that’s being worked on there.

And in order to eliminate the risk of any problems with damp, we left her back inside the Carcoon which we used for a year or so during the build.

Thanks to Jason and Clive and Annabel for all their help!


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  1. Jason permalink

    It’s like watching a Benny Hill sketch…

  2. Ted Timberlake permalink

    From the above it would seem that you guys have done all the work to the airframe ready for the rebuilt engine to be installed. That brings me to ask how the rebuilding of the engine is going, as it would be very interesting to know the detail of the rebuild especially following on to the earlier revelations of the damage it had sustained in use with the wrong oil. Thanks. Ted

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