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304. International Recognition


The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) is the international body that regulates competition and records in all sorts of airsports, from drone racing to skydiving, from ballooning to aerobatics. If you take part in an international competition or claim a world record, it will be the FAI which has administered it, set the rules, and issued the certificates.

So it was a very great honour to have been awarded a Phoenix Group Diploma by the FAI for the building of 1264. The award was made for 2015, the year in which she first flew, but it was awarded in 2016.

The original presentation was at the FAI’s Annual ~general Meeting, but since that was held in October in Bali, we decided not to attend…

But there was another possibility of public recognition. The FAI doesn’t deal direct with every airsports organisation in the world – that would be impossible. Instead, it recognises one organisation from each country, and in the UK that is the Royal Aero Club (RAeC), which is one of the oldest airsports organisations in the world, dating from 1901 (at which time it was concerned, needless to say, exclusively with ballooning).

If you can’t make it tot he FAI’s annual do, you can at least have it presented at the RAeC’s annual do, which is held at the very posh RAF Club in Piccadilly.

In fact, having been a member of the RAeC committee for a number of years, i continue to edit the brochure for the awards presentation ceremony, so it was a slightly surreal feeling having to edit the citation for our own award!

This year the awards were presented by Sqn Ldr Andy Millikin, who is a third generation RAF pilot, and currently CO of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, thus getting to fly some other very historic machinery.

It was a very pleasurable event, and I chatted with Andy Millikin afterwards, suggesting that some sort of tie-up with the centenary of the RAF might be appropriate. He was quite taken with the idea, so we’ll see what comes of that.

Photo courtesy of Here and Now Photography


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