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308. Bicester Flywheel Festival


We’ve had a very tiring, but very rewarding weekend.

On Friday afternoon we met up at Bicester and rigged 1264, leaving her in the hangar overnight alongside a couple of Tiger Moths, so that on Saturday morning we only had to roll her out onto the field with the rest of our display material in time for the start of the Bicester Flywheel Festival, which is where her public life began a couple of years ago.

The weather was perfect – bright and breezy, with some puffy clouds to keep it from getting too hot, and from the moment the gates opened at 1000, we were surrounded by interested people who wanted to hear all about her story.

Sandwiched between vintage cars on the race track and historic aircraft on the display line and in the air, it’s a perfect setting with a great laid-back atmosphere. Unlike a conventional air display, where the displays run contiguously through the afternoon, the Flywheel Festival spreads them out. This means that people have time between displays to look at the static stuff, or to watch the cars doing their stuff on the track, or to wander a little further afield, where they can go for a ride in a tank.

My particular favourite was to watch a Spitfire and Buchon (the Spanish-built Me109) chase each other round the sky powered by two RR Merlins. Magnificent!

We met up with lots of old friends and made lots of new ones, and the DVDs are selling like hot cakes.

We’ve had loads of feedback from those who bought them about how enjoyable they are, so don’t hesitate; go to the link at the top of the page and order yours now!


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