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309. A La Recherche du Temps Perdu


On Sunday afternoon we packed 1264 away in record time – 45 minutes to be precise – and drove the couple of hours down to Theo’s house where we stayed for a couple of hours, trying to stay awake, before heading to pick up Theo’s partner in Bournemouth (at 0100 on Monday morning) and driving on to Gatwick, in order that the four of us – myself, my wife Sue, Theo and Fran – could catch the 0550 flight to Thessaloniki, and then on to Thassos to stay in the same hotel as last year. All went smoothly, and by 1600 on the Monday we arrived at the hotel where we met up with film producer Stephen Saunders and his wife Claire, who had arrived a few days earlier for the Greek premiere of the film, which has been subtitled in Greek, and went down a storm.

By this time, of course, we’d been on the go more or less continuously since 0700 on the Sunday morning, and were completely goosed.

By Tuesday morning we had more or less returned to the human race, and strolled down to the airstrip to see what condition it was in.

Needless to say, the weather conditions were perfect for flying – a gentle onshore breeze perfectly aligned with the strip, and we felt the absence of 1264 very keenly, as you can see from the picture below.


Sue is practicing her engine starting technique while Theo holds down the tail…

… then both Theo and I go flying in our imaginations…

… before we all retire to the bar for a drink.



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