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311. Our Day in the Sun


There are only two airshows in Greece; one in Athens and this one in Kavala, so it’s very popular – they reckon it’s watched by upwards of 100,000 people on the waterfront of the very pretty harbour harbour town in a natural amphitheatre.

The show starts at around 1815 when the main heat of the day is spent, but because of the ferries we got there mid-afternoon, when the temperature was 38C (100F, for those of you in Myanmar, Liberia and the USA who haven’t adopted the metric system).

So we headed for the modeller’s exhibition, partly because thy have been so generous to us and partly because they were in an air conditioned hall.

But the exhibition was amazingly good, and we were (of course) immediately drawn to the 1/72 scale diorama of Thassos aerodrome in 1916, with tents under the olive grove and a row of Bristol Scouts parked nearby. 1-P1090971.JPG

1264 was there, looking splendidly oil-stained and complete with all her rigging.


Modelling at the highest level becomes an art form. Take a look at this Tiger tank; the weatherbeaten look is amazingly realistic.


And as we left, the chairman of the club, Babis, presented us both with specially produced mugs as well. 1-P1090982.JPG

When it had cooled off a bit, we headed off to the VIP enclosure, where Panos’ son, Lazarus, had been deputed to look after our every need – which he did. If he ever decides to give up a career in engineering, he will prove very successful as a waiter!

The Baltic Bees fly L-39 trainer jets in lovely flowing precision aerobatics – here is an example.


1-P1100017.JPGJurgis Kairys (whom we’d met the previous evening) flew his Extra aircraft in a dazzling display – take a look at the number of spins in this descent. I can’t even count them.



The Air Force Apache was very popular, not least because the spray from his low hover kept those on the waterfront cool!


And the Hueys, which are still in active service with the Greek Air Force, bring back instant memories of Apocalypse Now for those with longer memories!

All in all, a great day, and we felt thoroughly spoiled as we finally got to bed around 0030.








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