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On 1 Aug we had been invited at fairly short notice to come to the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) in Queen Street, Bristol. The Academy is an art gallery, and their current exhibition is all about air, which seemed appropriate.

But on the this particular day they were hosting a workshop run by My Future My Choice, an organisation trying to inspire children through the use of  mechanical models which they can build and then test out. Their workshop was focusing on model aircraft, and one of them is a model of the Bristol Scout.

I’d set off from home at 0600 with the trailer in tow and arrived about 0830. The front of the academy has a very convenient space which had thoughtfully been coned off for us, and i could simply drive in and when Theo turned up we could set up straight away.


Sir George White (l) arrived to inspect progress, and it was great to see him again. Also in the picture is Polly Barnes with the Bristol Scout kit for children to make.


Being on the pavement on a busy street, we were soon surrounded by a combination of people who had come specially to see us and those who were just walking past. One person had been going past on the bus, and returned to see what was going on!

The BBC is located a couple of blocks away and we did a short piece for the lunchtime TV news, and a longer piece for Laura Rawlings on her radio show.


Meanwhile inside the Academy the workshop had a good time building models of the Scout with a stream of children, who also came out to ask about the real thing.


By 1530 I was getting itchy feet, as I had to trailer the aircraft across to Biggleswade before going on down to the farthest corner of Kent for work.

But all went smoothly, and 1264 is parked in the Shuttleworth Collection ready for Sunday’s Edwardian Air Display, and I got to Ashford around 2200, tired, but happy.


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