321. Run for the Hills!

It’s been another demanding weekend. Theo came up to stay with us on Thursday evening, and we headed to Shuttleworth early the following morning where we met up with Chill and packed 1264 into the trailer. we were ready to go at midday, and set off for the Three Counties showground in Malvern.

The Bank Holiday traffic delayed us a little, but we arrived at 1600 and were all set up by 1800, after which we headed home for tea!

All set to start the weekend, with the earliest known Morgan car, dating from 1909…

We were on site by 0830 on the Saturday, and situated at on of the most central crossroads in the ground we were seen by pretty much everyone who arrived, and – as always – were very much the centre of attention. Morgan owners were queuing at one stage to photograph their cars in front of 1264, and there was a continual stream of foot visitors on the stand.

We had suggested the possibility of running the engine, and it was felt best to do this in the showground itself, so with the help of loads of marshals, we chivied her round to the entrance of the showground  where Theo gave her a good swing and away she went. We taxied slowly round the ground with Theo and a marshal hanging onto the wingtips. We’d had no time to prepare anything, and I wish we’d been able to turn away from the crowd and open the throttle to give them all a taste of the propwash, but perhaps it’s just as well we didn’t!

Photo by Nigel Bradford

it was a particular pleasure to be close enough to home that my daughter and her family could be here on both days – grandson Archie tried the cockpit, but was more attracted to the dirty ground, the Ferris wheel and the bouncy castle!

Our connection with Morgan cars is via WWI Ace Albert Ball, whose first victory was in a Bristol Scout C more or less identical to 1264, and owned a 1913 Grand Prix racer.

So it was with a great sense of pride that a similar 1913 three wheeler was positioned in front of us and Albert Ball’s great niece and I got to sit in it – individually first, and then together.

Photo by Nigel Bradford



But no sooner had we got home on Sunday evening, tired and very happy with a great weekend, than the special edition of The Great War Channel on YouTube featuring 1264 with yours truly came on line.

We think Flo, Indy and the team have done a great job. let us know what you think…


One thought on “321. Run for the Hills!

  1. John 'Simba' Evans

    Stars of the show again, eh ? And no-one deserves it better. Here’s to long life and happiness for Grandad’s Rebuilt Aircraft and you all – cheers !

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