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325. Meanwhile, back on the film set


Theo has been busy all week on the set of ‘Above the Trenches’ having made a replica C type camera, fitting it to the BE2e and making sure it does its stuff according to the story line.

With him is Richard Chillingford (Chill) and I can do no better than pass on what he says.

The set.jpg

‘The set inside No 2 hanger at Stow Maries.  Standing on the right was the Editor and sitting with his back to him is the Director.  Standing on the left was the record keeper, every take and every scene detailed.  Guy standing in the blue shirt was a gofer, he kept us going with a constant supply of drinks, each to our individual preferences as well as sourcing rolls of blue tape, extra blue screens and dozens of other bits and pieces.  Lowest of the low but just as essential as the Director (although I didn’t mention that at the time).
‘We started out being referred to as “Techies” when our services were required by the Director.  By the end of the second day Theo was “my Aviation Consultant”.   I was still a Techie…
‘A great experience, interesting, informative and eye-opening at times.  So glad I’m not an actor, techie suits me much better.’
Last minute adjustments.jpg

Last minute adjustments to the mounting bracket

Attaching the frame.jpg

Attaching the frame. No screws are used in the mounting of this bracket!

It Fits.jpg

Finally – it fits.

Camera Mounted.jpg

Looking good!

Pilot instruction.jpg

Teaching the pilot how it works…

Pilot getting in.jpg

… and how to get in and out safely. The blue in the background is what is known, weirdly, as green screen.



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  1. Dave from New England permalink

    The whole idea of what is called “chroma key” filming for motion pictures uses “green screens” today, but began as “bluescreen” by the American RKO Radio Pictures moviemaking firm EIGHTY YEARS ago …its “background” is readable at

    …hope this helps a small bit !!

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