332. Gone flying…

Yesterday we got 1264 back in the air. I’d spotted the possibility of a calm day on the forecast a few days before, and as the days rolled by, the forecast seemed pretty constant. So I set off early to drive to Old warden, and got there just as other WWI machines were being rolled out for a photograph to celebrate the centenary of the RAF.2017-11-02 Shuttleworth RAF Centenary pic.jpg

I’d suggested that Jean-Michel Munn, Chief engineer of the Shuttleowrth Collection and pilot of the Sopwith Snipe BE2E and Albatros DVa, might like to try his hand at the Scout. We fuelled up and topped up the oil, and headed over to the hold at the northern end of the field.

My first flight established that there were some unexpected low clouds hiding in the hazy conditions, so we had a bite to eat to let them clear, and then J_M had a go.

He was most impressed, and we each had another go subsequently to make sure we weren’t mistaken!

I’d been wanting to check the rate of climb at higher speeds, having achieved 650fpm at around 45kt, This time I tried 60kt, and the climb rate was 500fpm, which is pretty much as you’d expect.

We also tried to eliminate a fairly strong tendency she’s developed this year of wanting to fly left wing low. We progressively adjusted the flying wires and nearly got it right by the end of the day. It would have been nice to do a little more, but the light was starting to fade, and I was keen to derig 1264 and trailer her home ready for next week’s trip to Chatsworth House.

Back in the hangar, one of the young engineers, Josh, was very keen to see if he could fit into the cockpit, and, as you can see, he did!

2017-11-02 Josh.jpg

We’ll be at Chatsworth over the weekend of 11-12 November for the Sellors Christmas Wishes event. If you’d like to come, you can register here, and you’ll be able to buy all sorts of jewellery there, including special edition Bristol Scout watches made by Aviator Watches.




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