333. Christmas Wishes

Sue and I set off early in order to get to Chatsworth House by 1030 with the trailer in tow. Having chosen the shortest, as opposed to the fastest route, almost all the 3hrs 15min were spent on B roads, and very pleasant it was. On the whole; we passed right under this balloon on an early morning jaunt in the still air.2017-11-08 Chatsworth Balloon.jpg

The marquee for the Sellors event, called Christmas Wishes, is gigantic, and erected right next to the house.

2017-11-08 Chatsworth Marquee.jpg


As we arrived, we were greeted by Chill, who had set off the night before in order to be there in time, bless him, and Mark Ryder the UK agent for Aviator watches.

We weighed up a number of ways to get 1264 into the marquee on the upper level, and then went for a couple of cups of tea until mark said they were ready for us.

Even so, fitting the Scout in there required considerable ingenuity, a fork lift truck and lots of scaffold planks.

Once inside and with Mark’s invaluable help we got the wings on, after which she had yet another perilous journey up a couple of improvised ramps to her spot in the limelight.

2017-11-08 Chatsworth Ramps.jpg

Once there, however, she commanded attention from all over the marquee!

2017-11-08 Chatsworth Final position.jpg

we’re all set now for the start of the event – a private VIP showing on Friday evening, followed by the Saturday and Sunday. Free admission over the weekend, so do come along






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