334. Christmas Wishes come true

It’s been an amazing weekend in the company of Sellors jewellers. We set off in good time on Friday morning and found the AirBnB house in Baslow that was to be our home for the weekend. It was half of a semi set at right angles to the road, and with no drive, requiring us to street park some distance away.

We dropped our things and headed back to Chatsworth to see how things were looking, and the transformation was total. The lighting was installed, the cabinets were all in place and full of bling. 1264 was in very unfamiliar surroundings but completely dominated the marquee, and was carrying off her new role with total aplomb and the odd drip of castor oil.



Mark Ryder, the Aviator watch agent (r), looks very happy with the way in which 1264 has stolen the limelight.
And we were very happy to be all togged up, though you might not think it from my face…



There was a 1942 Dodge army truck squeezed in there too.
There were plenty of other attractions there, including pirates with live parrots…
… jewellery worn for the premiere of the Spiderman film…

… and Charles Burns, aka The Roving Artist, who makes the most amazingly lifelike silhouettes using only black paper and a pair of very fine scissors.

And Sonia Ibrahim who plays Mel Maguire in Coronation Street was there supporting the NSPCC.

The VIP event started at 4:30 and we were on our feet for most of the afternoon until gone 11pm, so it was getting on for midnight before we got to bed.

Mark had to go home to York, but we were joined by his colleague Tiago who took his place for just one night. It was a bit of a disappointment to find that our room hadn’t been cleaned and the sheets and bins contained evidence of the previous occupants, and that Chill’s bathtap didn’t work.




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