335. Christmas Wishes, Day 2

The show opened at 10am, so we were able to have a bit of a lie in, and from then on it was full on, with all three of us working solidly explaining 1264’s origin and the connection with Aviator Watches.

One unexpected visitor was John Ball, who is a cousin of WWI Ace Albert Ball (who scored his first victory in a Bristol Scout). We weren’t expecting to see him, and he wasn’t expecting to see us, so it was yet another of those serendipitous encounters with which the story of 1264 is liberally sprinkled.


Around midday, Rick and Marian turned up, together with the latest member of their family, Buddy.

From here on in, Buddy (an 11 week old Jack Russell puppy) stole the show.



Charles Burns even did a silhouette…


Sue got to try some of the VERY expensive jewellery on show. This necklace made from hundreds of perfectly matched diamonds cost £160,000.


Having Rick and Marian there meant we could actually go for an occasional meal and a sit down, but we weren’t finished until gone 7pm, and we headed off to a dog-friendly Devonshire Arms for a delightful meal.

After that we headed back to the house, and were puzzled to see all the lights on. As we came in the door, we were met by a couple of women, one of whom conducted a verbal assault on us for twenty minutes to half an hour, questioning our identity and our right to be there, accusing us of some unspecified sharp practice, and making herself thoroughly unpleasant. She never introduced herself, but in among the invective was the fact that we’d accused her of leaving one room uncleaned, from which we drew the conclusion that she was the cleaner or the owner. It was complicated by the fact that Mark, who had booked the room, had had to go back home to York again, but eventually we got her out of the house and were able to go to bed.

Sue found that although they’d cleaned the bins in our room, the sheets were still the same, with stains on them from the previous occupant, so we switched to the other double bed. This was fine until the middle of the night, when the bed started to collapse!


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