337. Christmas is Over

By the Sunday evening we were absolutely knackered, but what a wonderful weekend it had been! In addition to all the new friends we’d made, we’d seen plenty of old ones – Lawrence and Judy, Lesley and Hayden, Stephen and Claire and Claire’s family.

We had been hoping to start dismantling 1264 after the show finished on the Sunday night, but nothing could be done until the display cabinets were removed, and it was going to take most of Friday evening to clear them of there very valuable contents. So – slightly relieved – we’d had a pleasant meal on the Sunday, and arrived at 7:30am on the Monday all ready to go.

The reason for the panic was that I was booked on the 1930 Eurostar to Brussels in the evening, and had to leave the trailer at the Shuttleworth Collection and my car at Ruislip tube station so that I could get the tube into Euston. Overnight I’d realised that getting from Shuttleworth to Ruislip meant going round the M25 in the rush hour, so I looked up trains from Biggleswade, to discover that they went direct to Kings Cross. ideal, and the car journey home on my return wouldn’t be so much longer from Biggleswade than from Ruislip.

This eased the pressure somewhat, but we were still concerned to get going as quickly as possible.

In the event, everything slotted into place astonishingly well, and we were barely held up at all. We were also able to take the fuselage down the ramp this time – altogether safer than the fork lift truck!

We were away by 1230, and everything else went according to plan. Chill gave Sue a lift to Chesterfield, from where she could get the train back to Ludlow where we’d left her car on Friday morning.

Mark left, to deal with another email from the owner of the house claiming that we’d marked her kitchen worktop by cutting stuff up and not using the chopping boards. She didn’t clarify whether this was the cereals or the sliced loaf that was to blame.

If you’re thinking of taking a 5 bedroom house in Baslow through AirBnB, think twice!

I left the trailer at the Shuttleworth. I had hoped perhaps to get her erected and back in no. 1 hangar while I was there, but that wasn’t possible, and I had at least an hour to spare by the time I got to St Pancras. Whew!


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