338. Modelling

We had been asked a while ago to be guests of honour (yes, really!) at the British Model Flying Association‘s annual dinner and prize-giving.

It meant that I had to give a talk for my dinner, and Sue would have to give away about 60 prizes for hers.

It had troubled me for a while, since my contribution to aeromodelling is basically nil, though I do have a radio control model I throw around occasionally.

But I decided to talk about Grandad and the Scout and pretend that it was a scale model at 1:1 scale!

In the event, it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion, I didn’t fall over my words or witter on too long (or at least, not much!), and we met all sorts of wonderful people. it transpired that the chairman, Ian Pallister, had been at Southampton University with me, and Sue spent a long time discussing knees with Lady Pauline Alcock, wife of the President, Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Alcock.

Everyone was most complimentary about 1264, and after re-presenting me with the FAI Phoenix Award Sir Michael came up with a truly spectacular suggestion for a PR event involving 1264 which would undoubtedly top the Nine o Clock news if it came off. I’d better not say any more, since nothing may come of it, but it’s surely got my appetite whetted…

All photos courtesy the excellent Martin at  Here and Now Photography.

There were about 170 people at the Jurys Inn, Hinckley. 


Sir Michael Alcock re-presented our FAI Phoenix Award, since we couldn’t get to Bali for the FAI Conference!

Sue and I poshed up well…
… and Sue survived handing out more than 60 trophies with a smile for everyone. She made me promise I wouldn’t tell you what he’s whispering in her ear!



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