341. Shuttleworth Engineering Wweekend

If you haven’t been before, this is a really great event to put in your diary. It’s the ultimate chance to get up close an personal with some truly amazing machinery, and talk to the people who actually look after it and make sure it runs.

It’s usually on the last Friday and Saturday of the year, and what’s in the workshop depends on what’s being worked on at the time.

We were invited this weekend, and found ourselves in some very distinguished company. the 1909 Bleriot XI, the oldest flying aircraft in the world was up at the far end, together with the Avro504K, the Bristol M1C Monoplane, and the Mark V Spitfire.

It was great to see a section of the shop dedicated to the Bristol Scout,

20171229_095238 (1024x755).jpg

and as usual the four of us spent two days on our feet without interruption, talking to people who loved to hear the story or who knew it and wanted to keep in touch.

20171230_113558 (1024x747).jpg
Fred, a young man who asked some very intelligent questions.
20171230_105331 (1024x735).jpg
The Air Cadets were introduced to 1264, but the Spitfire nearby was an even greater draw!
20171230_112725 (768x1024).jpg
This is Hannah Harper, a young volunteer with the Shuttleworth Collection
20171229_173059 (1024x843).jpg
At the end of the first day, we were all allowed to sit in the cockpit of the Spitfire

Both Theo and I found ourselves immediately at home the Spitfire cockpit.

Altogether, a simply wonderful weekend, as usual.





One thought on “341. Shuttleworth Engineering Wweekend

  1. Ted Timberlake

    The event looks to be a great occasion for young and old, and an insight into the workings of the Trust. This makes my comment in the previous entry even more relevant to that of The Tuesday Club of the Finnish Aviation Museum. Enjoy.

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