378. Holsworthy

The Holsworthy event was to mark the end of WWI and we were rigged in a marquee at the entrance.

We stayed at the White Hart overnight, up a vertiginous set of stairs.


After a leisurely breakfast ( the show didn’t start until 1400) we made our way up to Stanhope Park to get our stall set out.

The workers were hard at it, rigging…
… and polishing…
… while the officers supervised outside in the sun.
There was a wonderful Blackadder play in the next door tent…
… and the cast came to see us, 
 and the mayor, 
 and the Town Clerk, 
and just about everyone else, 
including the Hummingbirds, who did a brilliant close harmony set on the stage.
And after it was all over, the marks in the grass showed how heavy the traffic had been around the aircraft!

On the Sunday we packed up and went our separate ways, though not for long. We’ll meet again at Leighton Buzzard for their Living History day on Saturday, followed by the Shuttleworth Race Day (static only) on the Sunday.

See you there?



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