384. Back to School

Even though we were headed for one of our local schools, it was an early start on Monday morning, as we needed to be heading through their gates at 0730.

But the team were up and ready on time, and the gates were open when we got there.

We had the whole of year 7 in three classes; each session lasted just under a couple of hours, and I gave a brief introduction to the scale of WWI in the classroom, with some local connections, before we headed out to the playing field where 1264 was parked. Each class split into four, and were told about a different aspect of the aircraft and my Grandad’s service.

20181112_085331 (800x600).jpg

The weather forecast was a bit iffy, but thankfully held off for the day. It was very cold, however, and I was grateful for my leather coat, which I was certainly not going to offer to the children, even though they were shivering like crazy.

At the end of each session we started the engine, and it was a relief to hear it roar into life first pull every time.

The children were very interested, and asked some very good, intelligent questions. They had also produced some wonderful pieces of work on the subject of WWI, as you can see.

20181112_110755 (800x600).jpg

20181112_130130 (800x600).jpg20181112_130100 (800x600).jpg



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