385. Fame, but no Fortune

Our final event for 2018 (our 20th) will be at Cheltenham Racecourse next Sunday 18 Nov.

The racing will be covered by ITV, and in between they’ll show pieces about the various WWI commemorations dotted around the course. HRH Princess Anne will be there, we believe, and we’ve had to go through masses of security checks. So if you’re in the area, go to the races and come and say hello. if you’re not, settle down in front of the TV and watch out for us.

But that’s not our only appearance on UK TV. The TV documentary made by Steve Saunders, and which so many of you have kindly bought in DVD format, will be shown the following night (Monday 20 November) at 2100 on PBS America. We’d not come across it before, but it’s the equivalent of BBC Worldwide, which sells BBC programming commercially. PBS is the publicly funded TV channel in the US as I’m sure you know, and this is their commercial arm.

And you can find it on Freeview channel 94. Everyone’s entitled to 15 minutes of fame, according to Andy Warhol. There’s four of us, so we get an hour.


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  1. Hello David. I watched your program last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was great to see the detail I require as I am building a radio control quarter scale C which I believe is what your plane is, full size though obviously. I also understand that it was flown by your grandfather at Thasos. Was this A flight R.N.A S is this correct? as the information I have is sketchy. I would also like to know where to get the DVD, and any type of blue print construction and rigging. I too am a qualified licence aircraft engineer like yourself. Many thanks in advance, Gary

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