387. Stripping Down

And now, the hard work really starts!

On the day after the Cheltenham show I undid as many of the engine attachments as I could so that it could be removed. Rotary engines were designed for quick removal and I found that after removing the propeller (one nut) and the cowling (seven bolts) then removing the magneto and three bolts for the rear engine mount I could uncouple the Tampier (carburettor) from the crankshaft and loosen the two large crankshaft nuts that hold the engine in place. It’s theoretically possible to slide the engine out complete.

But when Theo came on Friday we found it was a bit tight in the front engine mount so we ended up unbolting the oil pump from the front mounting plate and taking the engine out together with the front plate. With it slung from the roof of the hangar we managed to persuade the front plate off the crankshaft and the engine was settled back into the beautiful crate in which it travelled from new Zealand. 20181123_103943.jpg20181123_110544.jpg


All tucked away for the winter!

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