392.Book signing

We drove to the Shuttleworth Collection on Friday 28 Jan in time to set up our stall in the shop. As always, there were loads of old friends there, and we spent a wonderful day gossiping and selling copies of the book to a good many of those who came.

In fact, by 1500, we’d actually sold out – our nice neat box of 24 copies was completely empty, so we had to start a list of those who’d been disappointed.

In each one we’d included a piece of the original fabric as a memento, and that proved very popular, some buyers choosing swatches that had blood on as well as castor oil and dirt!

It’s revised our ideas of the popularity of the book and so today I’ve placed an order for even more. If you left your name with us over the weekend, it won’t be long now.

Also at the Shuttleworth was our petrol tank, repaired and repainted, and ready to do service in the new season.

The Engineering Weekend is a wonderful event, and we wouldn’t miss it even if we weren’t displaying or selling. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and look deep inside some of the Shuttleworth Collection’s magical toybox.

And for any of you reading this, here’s to a happy New Year, with plenty of flying!

Scout takeoff Wayne Allen.jpg
Many thanks to Wayne Allen for this wonderful shot…



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